How to get Flint in Minecraft

Every game that you have played in your life comes with items and tools that are necessary for survival.

Well, in the Minecraft game, there are such items that are exactly what you require.

These tools will help you efficiently perform different tasks.

Now comes the main topic which we will be discussing. What is Flint? Flint is an amazing item that is present in the game.

You will either find it while completing a mission or whole mining.

But if you are a new player, you might think that what this black coal-looking item is gonna give you.

Flint is actually one of the most important items in the game.

Without it, many of the game’s central features, such as accessing the Nether and having a bow and arrow for the Ender Dragon fight simply wouldn’t be possible.

That’s why it’s good to know where to find it and what to do with it.

How you can use Flint for Crafting?

How to get Flint in Minecraft

You can use Flint in three different crafting ways.

Two of these ways are very vital for you, while the third one is a simple utility that only villagers will use.

First Way

The Fletching Table is something few players will ever need to craft.

Created with two flints on top of four planks of any type, it’s an item that resembles the regular crafting table.

But if an unassigned villager steps into the vicinity, they will adopt that fletcher job and will use the table to restock.

This kind of table is great for the players who want to make the villagers and want to control what kind of jobs each villager has.

Second Way

Arrows are another item that you can make through flint.

The bow and arrow is a staple weapon for any Minecraft player since it allows for sniping dangerous enemies from afar.

Now making an arrow is simple:

  • Combine one flint with another from vertically top to bottom
  • Attach one stick and one feather.
  • Do it four times and you will have four arrows then.

This crafting technique is heaven for those players who want to defeat the Ender Dragon.

That is why I would recommend you to save any Flint that you acquire during the mining process.

Third Way

This is one of the most important techniques and is very necessary for the game.

You can combine flint with the steel and you can make a fire in the game.

This fire can be then used to burn or attack anyone or anything.

That is why you need to be really careful when you hold flint and steel in your hands.

For the Nether portal flint and steel become really important as they allow the player to activate the portal.

Make sure to always have one on hand when entering the Nether, in case a Ghast’s fire charge hits the portal and deactivates it.

Trade of Flint

How to get Flint in Minecraft

This might surprise you that, you cannot use flint only for crafting purposes.

You can use it in the sense of trade with any villager.

You can find a villager who is ready to trade a fletcher for a flint, go for it.

Flints are easy to come by and if you have more than enough, simply go for the trade.

Leatherworkers, tool-smiths, and weapon-smiths will also have trades with flint involved.

These trades range from 26 flints to 30 flints for a single emerald.

How to get Flint in Minecraft

Well in the first place, you can find some gravel to get flint, and this one of the easiest and the fastest ways to get flint.

Gravel is available either in the caves or in the freshwater such as the ocean or river.

These spots tend to always have at least a bit of gravel around.

Lucky players might even come across gravel-coated mountain biomes as well.

However, if you have an entry into the Nether Portal, then it is one of the best places where you can find flint.

In this portal, the flint is present in huge quantities.

Having a Fortune enchanted shovel ups the yield even more when mining gravel.

At Fortune III, for instance, each gravel block is 100% guaranteed to drop flint.

Villages which are filled with fletchers have the highest chance that there will be a lot of flints which you can take.

So for that, you only have to go to the closest village and start searching for it.

You can search it in the plant biomes or desert biomes. Fletchers usually have a chest in their shops.

Inside, there’s roughly a 55% chance of finding up to three pieces of flint.

One thing that might amaze you that you can find flint near the ruined portals.

Places that have become barren and there is no activity might be rich in flint.

The chest by the portal has roughly a 46% chance of having up to four pieces of flint inside.

Moreover, you can even find flint in the mountains or the places which are near the mountains.

So, always keep your eyes open in such places.

How to make Flint Farm in Minecraft?

How to get Flint in Minecraft

The process is simple which you can follow to make a flint farm in Minecraft.

  • Start with 6 long and 3 wide areas such as a rectangle.
  • The height can go up to 2.5 slabs.
  • Place 1 chest and 5 hoppers.
  • You can use the boxes to make the boundary.
  • By adding the furnace block to it, you will make it unbreakable
  • You can add a roof, but it is your choice.
  • If you want to decorate it, place a flame in the middle of it and it is ready.

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